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Magnesium oxide

Magnesium is an essential mineral that the organsim itself cannot generate and therefore it has to be fed regularly. It is responsible for prober metabolic functions and prevents absence of appetite and muscle cramps.
In cattle, a significant additional demand during stress, pregnancy, high performance as well as in rations that are high in calcium, iron and fat or heavy fertilized grass were observed.
Our magnesium oxide has a high content of elemental magnesium (at least 50%) and a beneficial usability in the ruminant (ca. 30%). It is essential as a component for all rations in animal feed.

We decided consciously for European goods, because consistently high quality and a 100% ability to deliver are extremely important to us. Our MgO comes from Austria and Slovakia. With the ISO-, QS- and GMP-certified manufacturers we have a long lasting partnership. We are the exclusive distribution partner for Germany.

  • proven quality
  • increases vitality and feed intake
  • additional demand during stress, pregnancy, high performance
  • prevents grass tetany, acetonemia and hypocalcemia